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Video Player Information

Stream In offers you the option of choosing between our Microsoft Silverlight Player or Flash Player for your video or audio content. Our recommended player for live content is Silverlight. For your OnDemand content, you can upload any of the following file types:

  • .mp3 (audio file)
  • .mp4 (video file - plays in flash player & used for mobile app and iPhone App)
  • .flv (flash video)
  • .wmv (Windows Media video - plays in Silverlight player)

OnDemand Examples:
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Bolt (HD 480p) - Silverlight
Bolt (HD 480p) - Flash
Narnia Prince Caspian (HD 480p) - Silverlight
Narnia Prince Caspian (HD 480p) - Flash
Toy Story 3 (HD 480p) - Silverlight
Toy Story 3 (HD 480p) - Flash
Up (HD 480p) - Silverlight
Up (HD 480p) - Flash